Effluent Management Systems

Protect Your Dairy Farm From An Effluent Disaster

HALO Farm’s Effluent Monitoring System is an innovative software solution built to help New Zealand farmers measure, monitor and manage their effluent systems.

Our effluent systems help monitor flow and pressure of your lines and pumps, alerting you before anything goes wrong. It truly is the failsafe system you're looking for and will help you before disaster strikes.

We understand no two effluent systems are the same, so why choose an out of the box solution when we can build a solution to suit you? Get in touch with us and one of our sales representatives will give you an indicative price.

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Become Failsafe Before It’s Too Late

Effluent Flow

Too much pressure? This could indicate a blockage and cause a pipe to burst, or permanent equipment damage. HALO can prevent this and alert you right away so you can get it fixed without damage.


Irrigator Movement

If you have a moving irrigator pumping and the irrigator stops moving or slows unexpectedly, HALO will stop the pump and generate an alert. This prevents ponding, pooling, and potential run off to water ways.


Effluent Line Pressure

A sudden drop could potentially mean a pipe has burst. HALO can turn the pipes off and alert you before chaos breaks out.


Proof of Placement

With HALO's GPS on your irrigators you can identify exactly where they are and see where and how much they have been spreading over a certain date range. You can also geofence low lying areas or waterways. This ensures you remain compliant and assists with environmental audits.


Proven, Reliable and Robust Effluent Failsafe Systems

From the many failsafe systems we have installed we know no two farms are exactly the same,
we have solutions to meet all farmers, their operations and budgets.

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What HALO Users Are Saying

Drewe Finaly
Rod Mckinnon
Johan Van Ras

How HALO Can Help You

Peace of mind

Never have fear of ponding or pooling issues again. Our failsafes ensure you're alerted before problems arise. HALO can be accessed anywhere, with our easy to understand dashboard available via web, phone, laptop, or tablet. We also have on-going service and support when you need us.


Save Time & Money

setting up irrigators, monitoring pond levels, and ensuring you're compliant can be extremely time-consuming and costly. HALO automates this for you and allows you to control the pump from your phone, saving you time with the push of a button.



We understand compliance has never been more important. The HALO system ensures you meet your requirements by achieving compliant nitrogen levels, flow rates, and volume. It also provides proof of placement and GPS monitoring of irrigators so you'll have peace of mind at night.


Experience and support

After two decades of installing technology on farms, we know what it takes to get it right and we have the national service and support to back it up. Our modular build system allows us to work with your existing effluent system, and can also connect to weather stations, water pumps, silos and many other on farm systems.


Don't just take our word for it...

I recently upgraded my effluent system and there’s no doubt that this has future proofed my farm. It monitors everything, shuts down the pump if anything is wrong, and has made compliance so easy.

My stress levels have gone down significantly as all alerts come straight to my phone. It’s a system you can trust.

- Johan Van Ras


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