• Farm automation and monitoring app
    Farm automation and monitoring app

Get HALO Milk monitoring at no extra charge with Fonterra’s Milk Vat Monitoring System Program


Halo Systems are the ONLY Fonterra MVMS provider with the ability to upgrade to PROVEN effluent and water failsafe shutdown systems.

After 20 years of dairy farm experience, we know no two farms are the same and no two needs are the same. We can put together a solution to suit your specific needs that is future-proof and designed to allow for easy upgrades to grow as your needs change, from remote command and control irrigator movement failsafe to simple leak detection.

You can also Apply for Fonterra Farm Source Smart Finance with all HALO upgrades.


What does MVMS System monitor?


HALO MVM Milk Basic

Fully subsidised by Fonterra.
Milk Monitoring diagram

HALO's Features

Milk VolumeKnow exactly how much milk you have in your vat, as well as when your milking starts and stops.
Milking Start / Stop TimeHALO knows when you when each milking begins and ends so you and keep an eye on your team
Vat TemperatureHALO will monitor your vat temperature and let you know via text or email if your milk is too hot or too cold right up until the tanker takes it away.
Milk Inlet TemperatureEnsure the milk entering the vat is at the right temperature.
Power MonitoringThe HALO System is mains powered with a battery back up. If the power goes out in your shed we’ll let you know and the HALO system will still keep an eye on your milk temperatures.
Ongoing SupportThe HALO support team is on hand to provide assistance when needed. Full training is provided to ensure you get the most out of your HALO system.

How It Works

You’ve got a job to do and we don’t want to disrupt you. The HALO team will have it in before you know it and it won’t effect the normal running of the shed. The installers will give you a rundown of the system.

Dashboard Access
The system is calibrated against the tanker over the next few days after installation. Once it is calibrated, we’ll let you know and get you logged in.

Data Storage
All of your data is stored on our secure servers this can only be accessed by you or people you nominate.


What HALO Users Are Saying

Johan Van Ras
Drewe Finaly
Rod Mckinnon
  • “HALO has been a fantastic tool for the management of our farm. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.” - Rod Mckinnon
  • “I've had HALO for approximately 7 years, during that time its been very reliable. Saved me quite a few vat loads of milk” - Drewe Finaly
  • "I can turn the irrigator off and on from my phone anywhere in the world which is very handy" - Ryan Wilson