Soil Monitoring

Soil moisture knowledge is power

Soil moisture is one of the most critical elements for successful plant growth and profitable agriculture. It’s our responsibility as land owners and managers that we use water in the most efficient way possible, ensuring that we’re not over-irrigating and leaching nutrients, but not under-irrigating and reducing production. Soil moisture is not only pertinent to irrigated farming though, it’s fundamental to the success of all land-based primary industry sectors, even dryland.

The HALO system not only supports a wide range of sensors, control systems and applications to help you manage soil moisture, we also partner with other companies, to add even more value to your soil moisture needs.



Soil Moisture and Temperature

The probes have a soil moisture AND a temperature sensor every 10cm down their length, giving more information to make better farm management decisions. The probes are vertically-oriented to easily see soil moisture movement within the profile. Optional rain gauge and weather station connections available.


Key Data

Access your soil data from your smart phone or computer from wherever you are. Your key information is displayed including graphs of historic data and trends, field capacity, stress points etc. View your soil moisture data along-side other information that you may use for your irrigation scheduling, like weather station data.


Easy Install

Easy to install and uninstall, making them great for seasonal cropping situations. You get good quality data almost straight away - because we only disrupt a small amount of soil on install.


Support And Expert Advice

HALO can talk you through your key information, trends and graphs and help you get the most from your soil moisture data. We set the field capacity and stress points correctly on install so that the device is calibrated correctly and you get good quality data.


What HALO Users Are Saying

Drewe Finaly
Johan Van Ras
Ryan Wilson

How HALO Can Help You

Farm Management Decisions

You don’t know what you don’t measure. Know your soil’s field capacity so you know when to irrigate and how much. Is there enough room in the soil profile to spread some effluent? Or conversely, are your roots getting dry? Know how fast your soil loses moisture and where you are throughout the season.



If you know that your grass has been under stress for too long after a flood or drought event, very soon you’ll start to see grass die or growth slow down. So you can make decisions to de-stock before that happens and be ahead of the game.
You can use your data retrospectively to look at moisture levels at key growth stages in a crop life cycle - allowing you to fine tune management practices in the future or adjust yield budgets and forecasts.


Know Your Soil Temperature

Knowing your soil temperature, especially in the shoulders of the season is important.
This tells you when it’s a good time to apply fertiliser and when it’s too cold for fertiliser to be used by the plant - saving you from wasting money. Also, irrigating cools the soil down further so is counter productive if done at the wrong time.


Save Time and Money

Reduce and control the amount of fertiliser you use by only applying when plants are most receptive to it. Avoid the pitfall of washing it past the root zone where it can no longer be utilised and could potentially be an issue.
Apply effluent efficiently because you know when the soil is able to take effluent and how much it can take. Therefore reducing your need for fertiliser. Real time data means you are not missing key events affecting crops.


Don't just take our word for it...

  • “HALO has been a fantastic tool for the management of our farm. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.” - Rod Mckinnon
  • “I've had HALO for approximately 7 years, during that time its been very reliable. Saved me quite a few vat loads of milk” - Drewe Finaly
  • "I can turn the irrigator off and on from my phone anywhere in the world which is very handy" - Ryan Wilson

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