Culverden Farm
Culverden, New Zealand


David Croft, a farmer based in Culverden, encountered a multifaceted set of challenges in his agricultural operations. These challenges included the necessity to adhere to stringent nitrogen application regulations, which demanded precise control over application levels to meet regional council standards. Moreover, the escalating costs associated with synthetic fertilisers were placing financial strain on his operations, compelling him to seek a more cost-effective approach to nutrient management. Additionally, David grappled with concerns surrounding environmental sustainability, necessitating an approach that would minimise the ecological impact of his agricultural practices. These combined challenges created a pressing need for a comprehensive solution.


Halo's innovative technology provided a comprehensive solution to David's challenges by offering key benefits, including precise control of nitrogen application levels to ensure compliance with regional regulations governing nitrogen usage. Furthermore, the technology enabled accurate measurement and reporting of nitrogen usage to meet the requirements of regional councils, thereby enhancing transparency and accountability in nutrient management practices.


Halo's effluent systems, renowned for their reliability, proved to be a resounding success for David Croft and other farmers. The technology encompassed the following key components:

  • Proof of Placement: Halo's technology offered assurance in the precise placement of nitrogen, contributing to efficient nutrient distribution and minimising waste.
  • Geo-Fencing GPS: Utilising geo-fencing GPS technology, Halo's system provided farmers like David with geospatial insights, aiding in precise nutrient application and compliance monitoring.
  • Flow Control: By offering control over flow rates, Halo's technology empowered farmers to tailor nutrient application to specific crop requirements, thereby optimising productivity.

In conclusion, Halo's technology played a pivotal role in transforming nitrogen management, compliance, and environmental sustainability for David Croft and other farmers. By addressing the challenges associated with nitrogen application, the technology not only improved productivity but also provided peace of mind by ensuring adherence to regulations and environmental best practices.

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