X marks the Spot

Halo X Series

The simplified remote monitoring solution

The Halo X Series is a cost-effective and versatile solution that simplifies remote monitoring. Featuring two digital inputs, one analog input, and SDI-12, the X Series streamlines processes, and caters to a wide range of monitoring needs including flow metering, tank or silo level monitoring, and soil moisture monitoring.

Whether you opt for solar or mains power, its adaptability ensures peak performance in any environment. Connect to the Halo Dashboard for complete visibility, making the X Series a standalone device that’s easy to manage and monitor. Experience effortless remote monitoring with the X Series.

Flexible Deployment

Install anywhere with ease, even in remote and harsh environments. Utilise either solar or mains power options, providing a versatile choice for a wide range of environments and performance wherever it is deployed.


Pay only for the inputs you require, reducing cost and redundancy to meet a wide range of monitoring needs, including flow meter, soil moisture, tank level, and silo level monitoring.


Easily add more inputs as needed in the future. The X Series has been flexibly designed for users to expand their system as required, enabling a scalable and future-proofed solution.

X Series Components

• Cellular modem (Cat-M1 LTE, NBIoT)

• Solar charge controller

• Dual 18650 cells

• 1x 4-20 mA analogue input

• 2x 3-30 V DC digital inputs

• 1x boost regulator (12/24 V selectable voltage)

• 1x SDI-12 bus (uses boost regulator in 12 V mode)

• Months of onboard storage

Select inputs to protect your outputs

Pay only for what you use by selecting from the monitoring options below.
Subscription: The Halo X annual subscription fee is based on $300 for the first input and $120 for each additional selection.
Initial hardware cost: 5W Solar Powered: $1,224 / 10W Solar Powered: $1,281 / Mains powered: $1,151

Select x2 Digital Inputs

Flow meter pulse count

Rain bucket pulse count

Driveway beam sensor

Pump run

Pump fault

Tank high

Tank low

Select x1 Analog Input

Level (tank, silo, river, pond, etc.)

Temperature (e.g. PT-100 with 4-20 mA transmitter)

Relative humidity

Select x1 SDI-12

Soil moisture

Temperature and relative humidity

"The Halo X Series is our preferred telemetry system. It provides an accurate, easy to interpret, and cost-effective soil moisture option for our valued clients."

Mark Fitzgibbon and Hamish Maxwell - Agri Water Services Ltd.

Halo X Series

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