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Unlock the full potential of your farm and safeguard your most valuable asset with Halo's field-tested cloud-based monitoring and control technology. Our modular system has been designed to align with your farm's unique and evolving requirements, delivering custom alerts directly to your phone for unrivaled peace of mind. We're dedicated to helping you maximise your farm's productivity while safeguarding your precious assets and essential resources.

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Effluent Monitoring

Our failsafe system ensures that you are always ahead of potential problems by alerting you before they arise. Monitor nitrogen levels, flow rates, and volume, with proof of placement and GPS monitoring, nitrogen mapping, and more.

Environmental Monitoring

Gain access to single or multi-site weather and soil moisture data ensuring accurate data at your fingertips. Safeguard your freshwater resources by monitoring their quality and quantity in real-time. Access live environmental data and stay proactive with alerts tailored to weather, soil, and freshwater conditions, enhancing your environmental resource management.

Frost Protection

Secure your crops and safeguard your profits with Halo's comprehensive suite of frost protection manual monitoring and control solutions. Exercise control over critical frost protection infrastructure, choosing between manual or automatic options to suit your needs. With real-time monitoring and alerts accessible from anywhere, you can swiftly detect and respond to changing conditions, ensuring crop protection and peace of mind.

Irrigation Control

Simplify irrigation with our versatile solution, suitable for single or multi-pivot setups across various scenarios. Ensure compliance effortlessly by proactively addressing complex consent requirements. Centralize and streamline your data management, providing convenience and insights by monitoring, controlling, and analyzing data from diverse sources in one unified platform. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility of remote infrastructure control to adapt seamlessly to dynamic farm conditions.

Milk Monitoring

Remain compliant and increase the efficiency of your milking operation by monitoring all aspects of your dairy shed including vat temperatures, volume, stirrer status, pre-cooling temperatures, and more.

Pump Monitoring & Control

Halo's pump management system delivers proactive alerts, allowing early detection of pump issues. Whether you have a single pump or a complex multi-site setup, our versatile solution ensures efficient pump management. Accessible from anywhere, it empowers you with remote control capabilities, offering convenience and responsiveness to adapt to evolving farm conditions.

Silo Monitoring

Experience the power of accurate demand forecasting, enabling precise estimation of feed quantities needed for optimal delivery and inventory management. Never face critical feed shortages; stay informed about your feed levels and plan ahead with confidence. Prioritize safety by eliminating manual silo checks and leverage real-time monitoring and alerts to proactively respond to feed level changes, ensuring a steady and secure supply.

Water Monitoring

Gain peace of mind with our comprehensive range of water monitoring solutions. Remotely track water storage levels, detect leaks, and receive timely alerts, ensuring a consistent water supply for your irrigation needs, even in unattended or remote locations.

“Halo has been a very responsive, motivated and engaged company to work with. The company is well-resourced, with a NZ based on-call team available via their 0800 number – which is essential in a compliance and water use management environment for large scale commercial operations. Halo took ownership of understanding our consent requirements and worked with our team to create a market leading solution and deliver our project efficiently in conjunction with our other partners with both a compliance driven and operationally friendly approach. Our interactions with Halo since 2020 from the Managing Director to sales, commercial, project delivery, technical and help desk have been professional, accommodating and long-term relationship focused.”

Alex Tressler, Commercial Manager - Wairakei Estate

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"Halo has provided this scalable solution for our kiwifruit orchard business and we continue to add new orchards we purchase. I would recommend anybody looking for a solution to talk to Halo.”

Nathan Flowerday, Flowerday Orchards

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"It's always going. When I go away I have reassurance. Halo is always there working, while we're not."

Johan Van Ras

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