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Protecting the new gold: Enhancing Orchard Management with Halo Technology

Flowerday Orchards
Te Puke, New Zealand


Nathan Flowerday, an orchard owner, faced significant challenges with his existing orchard management systems, which were neither standardised nor efficient.

Frustrated by the underperformance of his previous investments, Nathan sought a more reliable solution without incurring additional costs. Halo stepped in by providing and installing a new system for a complimentary three-month trial period, promising to revert to the previous setup if Nathan was dissatisfied, thus mitigating any financial risk. Following the successful trial, Nathan expanded his partnership with Halo, resulting in substantial investments in their technology over the last five years.


Halo's comprehensive solution for Nathan involved the implementation of a standardised system across all his orchards, accessible through an intuitive online dashboard compatible with any web-enabled device. This project represented a substantial investment of approximately $300,000 and incorporated the following key features:

  • Full irrigation control and scheduling: Halo's technology enabled precise control and scheduling capabilities for irrigation, ensuring optimal water management.
  • Frost protection: The system provided robust frost protection measures, safeguarding Nathan's orchards against frost-related damages.
  • Environmental monitoring: Halo's solution included real-time environmental monitoring, enabling Nathan to stay informed about crucial parameters like temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.
  • Soil moisture analysis: Accurate soil moisture data from Halo's system played a pivotal role in optimising irrigation practices, ultimately enhancing crop health and yield.
  • Leaf wetness tracking: Nathan gained access to up-to-date information on leaf wetness levels across his orchards. This data empowered him to make on-the-spot decisions, particularly during the crucial harvesting process when wet fruit cannot be picked.
  • Dew point monitoring: The system included dew point monitoring, aiding Nathan in making informed decisions regarding orchard management.
  • Pollen storage monitoring: Halo's technology offered pollen storage monitoring, contributing to the overall efficiency of Nathan's orchard operations.


As a result of implementing Halo's technology, approximately 73.7 hectares of Nathan's kiwifruit orchards have been effectively protected. Notably, his orchards have remained unaffected by frost since the initial installation of Halo five years ago. The insights derived from Halo's soil moisture data have significantly improved irrigation practices, leading to healthier and more productive crops.

With real-time data on leaf wetness levels available across all orchards, Nathan can efficiently allocate his harvesting crew where needed, ensuring continuous production. This capability has become even more critical in light of the high value associated with labour resources during harvest season.

In conclusion, Halo's technology has transformed Nathan Flowerday's orchard management, offering standardisation, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. The substantial investments made over the last five years have yielded tangible results, making Nathan's orchards more resilient and productive than ever before.

"Halo has provided this scalable solution for our kiwifruit orchard business and we continue to add new orchards we purchase. I would recommend anybody looking for a solution to talk to Halo.”

Nathan Flowerday, Flowerday Orchards

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