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Process control and automation based on real-time water quality data.

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Halo's cloud-enabled SCADA system provides real-time water quality data enabling complete oversight and control of your operation. Our unique in-house build process encompasses every aspect of our product lifecycle, meaning that our system can be easily adapted to the needs of operations of all sizes. From off-the-shelf solutions to large-scale custom projects, Halo's adaptable approach enables us to seamlessly cater to the ever-changing and diverse requirements of our commercial partners.

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Tanker Fill Stations

Gain essential oversight and control over your water network. Track usage seamlessly across multiple sites, knowing who filled up where and how much. Real-time data flows directly into your billing systems, streamlining operations from filling to billing.

Environmental Monitoring

Halo's range of environmental monitoring solutions is tailored to safeguard freshwater quality in rivers, lakes, and streams, while also extending its capabilities to construction monitoring, including conditions such as dust, noise, and vibration levels. Our technology provides continuous and precise water quality monitoring, tracking parameters such as pH, turbidity, chlorine levels, and bacterial contamination. Simultaneously, it allows for real-time monitoring of construction-related environmental impacts, ensuring compliance with regulations, minimizing disturbances to nearby communities, and promoting responsible construction practices that preserve both freshwater resources and the well-being of ecosystems.

Pump Monitoring & Control

Whether you're managing remote unmanned stations, even those powered by solar technology, or ensuring the reliable supply of municipal water to critical facilities like hospitals, schools, universities, and aged care facilities, our system is designed to meet your requirements. With the capability to remotely monitor and manage pumps, even in challenging off-grid environments, we empower you to maintain consistent and efficient operations. Enhance reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize performance across a broad spectrum of applications with our versatile pump monitoring and control technology.

Plant Automation

Halo's automation platform offers an extensive array of capabilities to drive water and wastewater treatment plants efficiently. With real-time data acquisition and monitoring, process control automation, and the power to remotely access the Halo Dashboard and make process changes via our cloud-based SCADA system, we provide an all-encompassing solution for both water and wastewater treatment plants alike.

“The Halo system has essentially eliminated the margin for error from the process and given the customer essential oversight and control of their network. The solution has many applications. Other customers have used it to control their truck wash operation and another to control water use on a quarry site.”

Blake Lattin, Halo Systems

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“Halo worked with us to design and implement this solution and provide shareholders with the confidence that this was the right direction to head in. Our shareholder base has genuine trust that the telemetry system is providing good data to make good decisions.”

James Cullimore, Opuha Water Limited

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“Getting real time updates of farmers' milking times and volumes is allowing us to improve the utilisation of our tanker fleet. This allows us to keep our tanker fleet productive for longer periods, as farmers milking times adjust throughout the season. This increase in productivity allows us to get the same amount of work done, with less tankers overall."

James McCreery, Fonterra

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