Municipal Water Scheme

Halo’s tanker fill stations solution eliminates margin for error and helps manage high demand for water.



A municipal water supplier with a network of water tanker fill stations was losing money using a manual system. The system took considerable administration time to operate and resulted in errors across the process. The water supplier couldn’t easily track usage across their network. This was not only a problem financially but also operationally; for example, leaks were difficult to detect and demand across sites was hard to manage.


Halo’s solution was to automate and control the entire process from filling to billing information:

  • PLC at each site with RFID reader and monitoring flow meter for volume.
  • RFID tags for every driver - the system holds information such as who they are, their account number, and what level of access they have. Swiping the tag allows them to fill and records the volume.
  • Who’s filled up, where and how much was taken is recorded across all sites.
  • A monthly report is generated that is compatible with the organisation’s billing system.
  • Ability to shut down specific sites or restrict open hours. This assists in managing drought conditions. Fail safes in place with alerts going to the service contractor (e.g. flow, mains failure)
  • Monitoring reservoir/tank levels and automatic top-up
  • Portable pop up tanker fill stations for areas/times of high demand
  • Remote control of the valve - open and shut


  • Eliminated the margin for error across 25 sites and counting
  • Almost a million cubic litres of water was managed in 2021
  • Now receiving accurate, real-time data straight into their billing system.
  • Reduced administration overhead
  • Gained fine-grain control over their sites which is essential for dealing with water shortages.
  • Control and monitoring are all done remotely - no need to visit sites.
  • More accountability with drivers
  • Now working smarter not harder
“The Halo system has essentially eliminated the margin for error from the process and given the customer essential oversight and control of their network. The solution has many applications. Other customers have used it to control their truck wash operation and another to control water use on a quarry site.”

Blake Lattin, Halo Systems

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