Opuha Water Scheme

Elevating Water Management: Halo's Telemetry Solution for Opuha Water Limited

Timaru, New Zealand


Opuha Water Limited (OWL) was looking to edit the number of telemetry providers on its shareholders’ properties due to a lack of consistency, accuracy and timeliness of data. They needed a stable and supported solution and could not rely on that being provided by their current set-up. OWL approached Halo because of our strong reputation for providing robust solutions and because we have a broad offering the stakeholders of the scheme could take advantage of.


Halo designed a robust system that was deployed across all shareholder properties. The system enables accurate, trustworthy and timely data provision to both the shareholders and the OWL irrigation scheme owners. Halo successfully installed 26 telemetry units on two of the three sections of the scheme within 20 hours. The success of this rollout prompted the go-ahead for installs on the remaining 38 water takes in the third section of the scheme.


  • A massive leap forward in the visibility of what was happening across the shareholder base with genuine trust amongst stakeholders that the system provides good data to make good decisions.
  • The system gives transparency and a centralised place for data so OWL managers can see the status of the whole scheme at any point in time.
  • Efficiency gains in water use and auditing.
  • Added bonus that shareholders have access to the Halo network to link new and existing devices to their Halo dashboard, such as moisture probes, consented flow metres, milk vats, and weather stations.
“Halo worked with us to design and implement this solution and provide shareholders with the confidence that this was the right direction to head in. Our shareholder base has genuine trust that the telemetry system is providing good data to make good decisions.”

James Cullimore, Opuha Water Limited

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