Wairakei Water User Group

Success in partnership: Wairakei Water User Group and Halo revolutionise water monitoring and control.

Wairakei Water User Group
Wairakei, New Zealand


The Wairakei Water User Group (WUG) faced a significant challenge in enhancing water monitoring, improving use efficiency, and streamlining compliance management for their diverse range of water users.

With a large-scale operation comprising multiple sites spread across thousands of hectares, WUG required a comprehensive system capable of integrating and centralising data from multiple sources. Additionally, the system needed to effectively manage critical infrastructure and address complex water consent requirements that varied across the operation. To support their team of over 60 staff and contractors, the system had to provide customizable, user-friendly dashboard displays and alert systems. The magnitude of the undertaking, coupled with the unique complexities inherent in water management, positioned this project as a pioneering endeavour with the potential to be a transformative force in the market.


Halo, in collaboration with the Wairakei Water User Group (WUG), developed an end-to-end monitoring and pump control solution that successfully addressed the WUG’s specific needs. The solution encompassed several key features, including a comprehensive understanding of the changing regulatory environment and the importance of compliance, tailored practical solutions, and automatic hardstop intervention to ensure water use efficiency and consent compliance at specified pumping volumes or flow rates. The system also allowed for remote activation/deactivation of pumps or water pipe shut offs through an intuitive online dashboard.


  • Provided a total end-to-end solution that encompassed council reporting, water monitoring, data collection, and interactive dashboard displays. Complex and multiple consent requirements are now centralised into summaries within the Halo Dashboard.
  • Provided the consent holders the ability to monitor the total consent across all farms, and allow individual farms to monitor their own consumption.
  • Seamlessly integrated 3rd party API data into the Halo Dashboard, consolidating all relevant information for stream flow conditions and volume management at pump stations.
  • The system’s versatility accommodated 15 different networks with numerous nodes, offering custom alerts and different user access levels, including overwrite capabilities.
  • To ensure seamless operation and troubleshooting, Halo offered a help desk staffed by knowledgeable personnel.
  • Custom alerting capabilities enabled prompt identification and resolution of issues, encompassing water monitoring, metering, electrical problems, and pumps.

Throughout the project, Halo demonstrated its commitment to delivering the solution on budget and worked collaboratively with the WUG, acting in good faith to overcome unforeseen challenges associated with large-scale projects.

“Halo has been a very responsive, motivated and engaged company to work with. The company is well-resourced, with a NZ based on-call team available via their 0800 number – which is essential in a compliance and water use management environment for large scale commercial operations. Halo took ownership of understanding our consent requirements and worked with our team to create a market leading solution and deliver our project efficiently in conjunction with our other partners with both a compliance driven and operationally friendly approach. Our interactions with Halo since 2020 from the Managing Director to sales, commercial, project delivery, technical and help desk have been professional, accommodating and long-term relationship focused.”

Alex Tressler, Commercial Manager - Wairakei Estate

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