Fonterra Edgecumbe

Streamlined Wastewater Management: Halo's Rapid Solution for Fonterra Edgecumbe Factory

Fonterra Edgecumbe
Edgecumbe, New Zealand


Fonterra Edgecumbe factory was facing a critical challenge as they received notice from the council regarding the management of their wastewater. The existing system was inadequate and required a viable solution to prevent potential environmental hazards and comply with regulatory standards.


To address the wastewater management issue, Halo stepped in and devised an innovative solution tailored to the specific needs of the Fonterra Edgecumbe factory. The proposed solution revolved around implementing a comprehensive monitoring and control system for wastewater irrigation. Key components of the solution included the deployment of Gateway units at the primary pumping sites, namely Omeheu and Awaroa. These Gateway units formed the foundation of a mesh radio network, covering the entire irrigation platform.

Halo Systems also incorporated monitoring nodes onto each travelling irrigator, enabling real-time data transmission. This mesh radio network acted as a communication backbone, facilitating the data exchange between the monitoring nodes and the Gateway units. By harnessing this interconnected infrastructure, Fonterra Edgecumbe could effectively monitor and control the wastewater irrigation process.


  • Enhanced Oversight and Control: The Halo System enabled complete oversight and control over 38 travelling irrigators spread across 27 farms. Real-time monitoring data provided valuable insights into the irrigation process, allowing proactive decision-making and swift response to any irregularities.
  • Geo-fencing and Proof of Placement: The solution incorporated advanced geo-fence technology, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. By defining lockout and no-go zones, including sensitive areas such as rivers and streams, preventing accidental wastewater discharge, protecting local ecosystems.
  • Rapid Implementation: developing and implementing the solution within a remarkably short timeframe. From the initial concept to full deployment, the entire process took only four weeks. This expedited timeline minimised disruptions to the factory's operations and enabled swift resolution of the wastewater management issue.

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