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Effluent 101: Peace of mind from the pump to the paddock all via your phone - Halo makes effluent easy!

March 11, 2024

New Zealand’s only MVM provider with proven effluent management solutions. 

Effluent management is a crucial aspect of dairy farming, essential for both growing more grass, environmental stewardship, and regulatory compliance. At Halo, we’ve provided hundreds of our dairy farming customers nationwide with the tools to effectively manage their effluent application. We understand their unique challenges and have developed a comprehensive range of effluent management features tailored to suit the specific and varying needs of different regions. 

From the pump: Effluent pump control

With the Halo system, you can start or stop your pump directly from your smartphone, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you're in the paddock or miles away, you have full control over the pump and will receive an alert if the pump stops unexpectedly.

Save time and start and stop your pump from anywhere!

To the paddock: We know sh*t happens! Fail-safe mechanisms to prevent ponding, pooling, and runoff into waterways

We prioritise safeguarding your farm and waterways through fail-safe mechanisms that halt pumps to prevent overapplication, the main cause of environmental breaches and regulatory penalties, exemplified by 264 abatement notices and 160 infringement notices in 2022/2023 (Source: Stuff). We know basic mistakes can occur, but these mistakes can be costly without the right system in place. Hence our system tackles this issue by using movement fail-safe to automatically stop the pump if the traveling irrigator unexpectedly halts, preventing ponding, pooling, and runoff into waterways. Additionally, our integration of geo-fencing technology sets boundaries and shuts down systems if irrigators trespass into restricted zones such as waterways. With our solutions, dairy farmers can elevate environmental stewardship while shielding themselves from common effluent application challenges.

Movement fail-safe and geofence technology help to safeguard your farm and waterways if your traveling irrigator unexpectedly stops moving.

To managing your pasture: Nitrogen Mapping

Halo’s nitrogen mapping feature gives farmers the ability to monitor and track their biological N application. The feature integrates key data inputs, including effluent volume, lab measurements of nitrogen levels, and precise location tracking. By leveraging geo-fenced paddocks, our solution provides comprehensive insights into nitrogen distribution on a per-paddock basis. This feature provides a functional tool to demonstrate adherence to environmental standards, whilst also promoting optimal pasture health and quality while minimising nutrient runoff and leaching. Real-time data insights enable you to manage nitrogen application within regulatory limits confidently. 

Paddock mapping and nitrogen loading per paddock provides total season and monthly per-paddock breakdowns of applied N value.

To your phone: Halo Dashboard

Available via any web-enabled device, all of your farm monitoring data, including your effluent management is stored, accessed, and controlled via the Halo Dashboard. Our innovative effluent management solutions offer unmatched control, reliability, and compliance tracking, affording you peace of mind that your effluent is monitored and under control.

Peace of mind from pump to the paddock

Contact our sales team to discuss the right effluent management tool for your farm here.

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