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Introducing the Halo X Series: Remote monitoring made simple

December 4, 2023

Introducing the Halo X Series

We're excited to announce the recent release of our X Series remote monitoring solution. With two digital inputs, one analog input, and SDI-12, Halo's X Series streamlines processes and reduces redundancy for various monitoring needs, including flow metering, tank or silo level monitoring, and soil moisture monitoring. Whether you opt for solar or mains power, its adaptability ensures peak performance in any environment. Connect to the Halo Dashboard for complete visibility, making the X Series a standalone device that’s easy to manage and monitor. View the X Series webpage here.

An adaptable device for farmers and growers alike:

The X-Series has been designed for a range of monitoring requirements for farms, orchards, and vineyards. Blake Lattin, National Sales Manager comments, "Many of our agri-customers continue to prioritise water management. The X Series includes monitoring options that cater to this, including pump run, flow, and tank level options. For growers, it's about managing the potential effects of an El Niño summer ahead, bringing warmer and drier conditions, decreased rainfall, and increased evaporation. For this customer, the X Series aims to measure the impacts of their irrigation, monitoring flow meters, soil moisture, temperature, and relative humidity for example. We now have an entry-level solution to complement our range of monitoring and control gear, and the market response to date has been very positive."

"The Halo X Series is our preferred telemetry system. It provides an accurate, easy-to-interpret, and cost-effective soil moisture option for our valued clients."

Mark Fitzgibbon and Hamish Maxwell - Agri Water Services Ltd.

The Halo X Series promotes ease of installation and connection to the cloud.

Remote monitoring made simple

Built with a focus on streamlining processes and reducing redundancy, the X Series is a cost-effective solution boasting two digital inputs and one analog input, providing a robust and versatile solution to meet a range of monitoring needs, including flow meter, tank level, silo level, and soil moisture monitoring.

Solar/mains power

Utilise either solar or mains power options, providing a versatile choice for a wide range of environments and performance wherever it is deployed.

Remote visibility

Simply connect the X Series to the Halo Dashboard, enabling full visibility of your system in action.

X Series Components
  • Cellular modem (Cat-M1 LTE, NBIoT)
  • Solar charge controller
  • Dual 18650 cells
  • NRF52840 CPU
  • 1x 4-20 mA analogue input
  • 2x 3-30 V DC digital inputs
  • 1x boost regulator (12/24 V selectable voltage)
  • 1x SDI-12 bus (uses boost regulator in 12 V mode)
  • FLASH storage
Supported Configurations

The following configurations are supported by the standard monitoring application for the HSA420.

For enquiries on the X Series contact the Halo sales team


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