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Effluent Monitoring & Control

Overview of field utilising HALO's effluent monitoring and control system

HALO Effluent Monitoring Solutions from Tag IT Technologies are designed to give you control and allow easy upgrades as your circumstances suit.

Halo Systems can provide your solution to the telemetry requirements on farm that support your resource consent requirements. Our 20 year history includes thousands of successfully installed solutions. No matter what you need to monitor, whether at one location across the farm or at many locations around the country, we have the proven ability to put together the monitoring system that meets your expectations.

We’re proud of the fact that monitoring systems we provide give stable and trouble free operation, and product we supply is still in operation after many hours of cumulative field operation.

HALO Effluent Monitoring Solutions include:

  • Condition monitoring, such as storage pond level, application amounts, pump and stirrer status
  • Flow, line pressure and irrigator movement fail safes with alerts
  • Send alerts to your smart phone or computer if a preset condition exceeds a limit or a fault occurs
  • Report status directly to your devices
  • Travelling irrigator fail-safe and proof-of-placement and geo fencing
  • Pod placement and pressure guard
  • ‘Greenwater’ priority storage for floodwash management
  • Geo fencing
  • Sump control
  • On line web site and key information showing graphs and statistics for analysis

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