Milk Monitoring System

Cow on farm utilising HALO Milk Monitoring

HALO Milk Monitoring System helps you keep an eye over the important parts of your dairy shed. Ensuring everything runs smoothly and nothing is missed.

Know before disaster strikes. By monitoring all the important parts of your dairy shed, Halo will alert you (either by on site alarm, or text/email) before something goes really wrong.

Freedom. Access all your important data through the Halo dashboard available on your smartphone or PC, meaning you don’t have to be there to know what’s going on.

Options include:

  • Vat temperatures
  • Vat volume
  • Stirrer status
  • Precooling temperatures
  • Wash temperatures
  • Valve positions


Don't just take our word for it...

"Halo has provided a scalable solution for our kiwifruit orchard business and we continue to add new orchards we purchase. I would recommend anybody looking for a solution to talk to Halo."

- Nathan Flowerday



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