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Silo Monitoring System

Halo Silo Monitoring System

With Occupational Health & Safety laws allowing for higher fines these days, the addition of HALO silo monitoring can aid in keeping your staff from climbing ladders to check on silo contents.

If you’re after a simple, low cost way to keep an eye on your silo level then we have the answer. Add a LevAlert to the wall of your silo and get a visual notification when the contents fall below the sensor. Connect the LevAlert to a HALO unit and get text and e-mail alerts whenever the contents in the silo fall below the device.

For total volume, use the HALO laser silo level to show how full your silo is. Alerts can be generated when the silo falls below a level you decide.

The HALO system can also generate an automatic e-mail to your supplier letting them know you’re ready for another delivery.

Contact us today to discuss how HALO and our silo monitoring systems can improve safety and efficiency on your property.

Prices start from $1,500 installed.


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"Halo has provided a scalable solution for our kiwifruit orchard business and we continue to add new orchards we purchase. I would recommend anybody looking for a solution to talk to Halo."

- Nathan Flowerday



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