HALO Silo Monitoring System

Never run out of feed with HALO’s proven silo monitoring solution. Always having feed on hand keeps your animals in top condition and ensures you’re prepared for adverse weather conditions. It’s also a health & safety win - eliminating the need for you or your staff to climb the silo to check the level.

Feed suppliers can have significant lead times and when you're busy and miss making an order the consequences could be no feed for days or weeks - impacting on your production. HALO automates this process so delays can be minimized or eliminated. HALO are happy to work with your supplier to give them access to your levels or alerts so they can top you up when they’re in the area.


How does it work ?


HALO measures how full your silo is and alerts you when the contents fall below a level you decide.


Generate Email

HALO can generate an automatic email to your supplier letting them know you’re ready for another delivery.


View on your phone or computer.

View the level of your silo at any time on your phone or computer.



Package Features From $1500*
HALO Silo Monitoring System installed
HALO Silo Monitoring Dashboard accessible on your devices
7 days a week support from the HALO Customer Support team if you need any assistance with your system.
*installation and service fees apply

What HALO Users Are Saying

Ryan Wilson
Johan Van Ras
Rod Mckinnon

How HALO Can Help You

Animal health

Protect your animals’ health and performance by mitigating feed supply shortages. Be prepared with feed on hand for adverse weather events.


Health & Safety

Eliminate the recurring height hazard of climbing the silo to check the level. 13 people per month fall from heights on NZ farms resulting in more than a week off work. Keep you and your staff safe by checking the level from your smartphone.


Easy Add On

The HALO Silo Monitoring System is an easy add on to your HALO Milk Vat Monitoring system as a lot of the hardware is already in place.


Peace of mind

Get peace of mind and take this recurring task off your to do list.


Don't just take our word for it...

  • “HALO has been a fantastic tool for the management of our farm. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.” - Rod Mckinnon
  • “I've had HALO for approximately 7 years, during that time its been very reliable. Saved me quite a few vat loads of milk” - Drewe Finaly
  • "I can turn the irrigator off and on from my phone anywhere in the world which is very handy" - Ryan Wilson

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