The Halo Effect

Halo x New Zealand Trade & Industrial Waters Forum 2023

August 23, 2023

Halo Systems was a sponsor and participant at the 2023 New Zealand Trade & Industrial Waters Forum, held in Hamilton, NZ.

The event included a lineup of engaging speakers, delving into key topics such as urban densification, climate considerations, and the promotion of improved practices for managing industrial waste across New Zealand. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments within the industry. 

Additionally, the forum allowed Halo to engage with council operators, highlighting the functionality of Halo and the significance of real-time cloud-based monitoring. 

Leading Water Scientist, Tara Okan, explaining the benefits of Halo technology.
Leading Water Scientist, Tara Okan, explains the benefits of Halo technology
Halo partners with consultancy BPO to transmit data from remote locations. Here they’re explaining the benefits of their portable monitoring station which can be deployed on difficult sites to survey information. Click here to read more
View Tara's 2019 presentation on wastewater treatment


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