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Transforming Water Management: Halo's highlights from the 2023 NZ Water Conference

November 1, 2023

The 2023 NZ Water Conference at Tākina, Wellington's new Convention and Exhibition Center, featured many key themes, the main being the need for long-term transformation for New Zealand's water sector. Check out our big-picture takeaways from the event.

Demonstrating Halo's technological advancements

One of the key aspects that set Halo apart is our proven ability to transmit live data from remote locations. This capability is a game-changer for the water industry, as it empowers real-time decision-making and ensures the highest water quality and safety standards. The event provided a unique opportunity for Halo to engage with clients and partners, and showcase our technology to new connections, further solidifying our presence in the water sector.

Addressing key challenges

The conference revolved around pressing themes in the water sector, such as ageing infrastructure, climate change, water waste, and the urgent need for long-term transformation. These topics underscore the significance of our work in the industry and the role we play in creating a sustainable future.

A dash of Hollywood flavor

While the conference was filled with engaging and informative keynotes, one highlight was the presence of the iconic Erin Brockovich. She shared her passionate insights on the critical battle for water quality, reminding us all of the importance of our mission. Erin Brockovich on the fight for water quality

Water NZ's Vision for 2050

Water New Zealand unveiled its 2050 vision document at the conference, a roadmap for the sector's transformation. One of the seven focus areas detailed in the document is a "Digitally Enabled Future." This focus area aligns with Halo's capability to provide real-time water quality data, monitor storm and wastewater outfalls and overflows, and offer live equipment monitoring in remote locations. Towards 2050: Transformation vision for the water sector

Towards 2050: Halo's role to play

As we look toward 2050, it is clear that transformation is not just a desire but a necessity. The water sector faces unprecedented challenges, and it is through innovation, commitment, and technological advancement that we can help pave the way to a sustainable future.


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